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Basic Rapunzel Cosplay Breakdown

While I do not claim to be the best Rapunzel cosplayer, I do feel like I did a halfway decent rendition of her costume. Since a lot of people are going to be cosplaying her in the future and some of them will get stuck, I thought I'd throw together a little breakdown of mine to give some pointers and ideas. This breakdown gives a pretty basic idea of how to do her costume without getting too complicated. There will also be more pictures once I have a chance to get them.
I'm going to be starting with the head and working my way down, so here goes......

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Freezer Paper Stencils

Although this probably doesn't require a tutorial, I'm going to put it up anyways to really break it down. For this to work, you will need......
Freezer paper
pencils and sharpies
Scissors(it helps to have a small pair like what you use to cut thread or manicure scissors)
Fabric Paint
Fabric to Paint on
An Iron
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Tink Shoe Tutorial

I've been meaning to make this tutorial for a while and since I didn't feel like messing around with MS Paint trying to make one, I figured with would be easier

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Fall Cosplay Stuff

I probably should have written a journal entry about AFO since it was the best con I've been to yet, but there's so much to say that it would probably be best if you asked me about specific things so I don't wind up typing up fluff. So it looks like this coming fall will be action-packed cosplay-wise. To start things off, I would like to say that due to money and time I will NOT be making it to AWA this year. I'm pretty sad about it and it took me a while to come to that decision, but figure there's always next year.

Right now, I'm really trying to move fabric around and out, so I'm currently working on Sparkling Princess Mulan, Matchmaker Mulan, Mulan's "Save the Emperor" outfit, Lottie's massive ballgown, my Tink cosplay, and possibly a Minnie Mouse costume for my youngest sister as well as an Alice cosplay for a friend of Jill's. The Mulans are being done by popular demand of the last poll, but I'll probably be working on some others in the next few weeks. I also have a couple of commissions going on right now, namely Yuffie, Cirno(Touhou), and Rosa(AC2). Hopefully these commissions and any others I get in the real near future will help me with all the stuff I have coming up.

The first major cosplay thing I have coming up is Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween. I'm looking to wear my Jasmine cosplay. Jill will be joining me as Lottie in her massive pink gown, and we're also most likely going to be bringing our youngest sister Becca as well as a couple friends from school. We will be going Sept. 18 if you would like to join us. It was hard to nail down a date since Jill and Becca have to cheer at football games almost every night that MNSSH is going on.

Next up in the Fall Shoot at Blue Springs and Cassadaga, organized by Shawn the first weekend in October. Just like the Summer Shoot, but in a different location and it won't be so deathly hot(hopefully). Really excited for this one because its pretty local for me and I LOVE Blue Springs. For the Halloween-themed part of the shoot, I'm looking to be pirate!Tink after a pin that I picked up at one of the parks, maybe witch!Tink if I have the time or money.
As for the Springs part, I'm going to need your help. Its being held in a forest, near a spring/river, so I need a cosplay that could work for that. I've narrowed it down to four choices, so you would be doing me a big favor if you voted in the poll and maybe told me why you chose what you chose :heart:
The choices are Fiona, Briar Rose, Rapunzel, and Silvermist, and although I was initially leaning towards Fiona, the thought of cosplaying Rapunzel is becoming more prominent.

Finally, in the second weekend of October is EXPcon. I'll be staying with Joon & Co., who I stayed with at AFO. Nothing too definite yet, but I'll probably be bring Jasmine(she's probably my new favorite cosplay), Meg, and most likely a few others. I'm not really worried about finishing anything new for this con, although Mulan would be nice. Oh, and right after EXPcon, my friend Mariana is coming back down from Maryland for a couple of days for MNSSH. I'm really excited about getting to see her again and that I get to go to the Halloween party twice, but I'm going to be so drained by the end of October and in more ways that one XD

With all that being said, who am I going to be seeing this fall?

New York, New York!

Yep! Its official, I'm going to New York July 17-28! I'll be staying with my friend Melanie on Long Island, but we're going to do all sorts of fun things like explore. I've never been before and have been trying to do this for over a year so I'm really excited. This is also be my first flight all alone. Unfortunately, because of when I'll be up there, I will not be able to attend Metrocon. On a happier note, I will definitely try to make to AFO.

Yeah, it's a short journal, just wanted to announce that I'm finally getting to go there, where Broadway and all those other cool things are. If any of you live in the area or have any "must-do" suggestions for when I get there, let me know <3

Writer's Block: Acquired taste

What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

Peanut butter and Spam sandwich. Not as bad as it sounds.
The story for those of you who actually read this?
I was at a friend's apartment one night and he was hungry. Seeing as he had very little food in the pantry, he opened up a can of SPAM, sliced it up, fried in a pan, and started making little sandwiches out of it. After eating a couple, he looked over and saw a can of peanut butter and picked it up. He looked at the jar, and at the sandwich, then back at the jar before announcing "I'm a pioneer" and put a huge glob of peanut butter on the sandwich. As it turns out, it was a good combo and he gave me some of it, which was good.

Writer's Block: Family Is…

What does family mean to you?

As cliche as I'm about to sound......

Arabian Nights Pictures!

As promised, pictures of my costumes from Arabian Nights....

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Arabian Nights

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for being there and helping me out when I was feeling so low last weekend. As of right now, I'm still quite torn between staying here and moving away, but am afraid that I won't be able to move until I have another job and enough capital to do so....I'm feeling much better now. Earlier this week, I found myself attempting to save the life of a bunny that got hit by a car(it died) and the next night, found myself picking up debris and trying to help some bikers immediately after an accident. Strange how focusing on and helping others' problems can help your get over your's? I will also try to individually try to respond to all your messages as soon as I finish collecting my remaining brains off the floor. Why are my remaining brains all over the floor? Read on......

Daytona State College's latest play "The Arabian Nights" just opened tonight. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!! All the actors were incredible, the set was gorgeous, and everyone in the cast and crew worked so hard together to create a magnificent show. Arabian Nights has been the most fun show that I've ever worked on (thus far) as well as the most challenging show I've worked on. In these past two or so weeks, I have been up to late hours in the night working on the costumes for this show. My sweat, blood(literally), and sanity(the brains) went into some of the costumes, which I will make a post about in the next few days. But I do have to give credit where it's due- without the head costumer, Emily, I would have been lost as well as my friend Taryn who worked on costumes with us. Even some of the actors, especially Kayla pitched in where they could, cutting and pinning fabric, sewing pants, making pillows, and decorating. Even Mohamed pitched in a helping hand, despite the fact that we recently broke up. The actors were also quite grateful and appreciative of our help, which is always a plus. Oddly enough, I'm not tired of belly dancer outfits and would love to make some more, so if anyone wants one, feel free to hit me up- I'll even bring your own personal designs to life!
If any of you have the chance to come see this play, please take it. I can give you more info if you're interested!

Depressing Journal Entry

This is a rather depressing journal entry, so if you'd rather not read it, turn back now. It's not like me to make depressing posts like this, but I just need to say this. I'm going to sound like a huge complainer, and I'm really not asking for any sympathy, I'm just at the end of my rope right now.

I don't know why it is, but it feels like my life if just falling apart right now. I was having some family issues last week, and those seem to be resolved, so I don't think I can really complain right now. My friends aren't who I thought I they were. Turns out that they think I'm "crazy" because I have issues(mental and personal) and I am fairly open about who I am, which is someone they can't seem to accept. Sometimes all I need is a friend that will be there for me. Maybe I wouldn't have so many issues if my friends were real, which many of them are not. I've been working almost every night on stuff for "Arabian Nights", which goes up in under a week, so I haven't been eating or sleeping much. Then right after that, I have to start working on a friend's play, so things won't be getting better. As if things couldn't get even more stressful, I lost my job. Didn't get fired, just resigned due to the fact that I couldn't be there. Oh, and on top of all this, my anti-depressants and mood stabilizer meds quit working. Whoop-de-fucking-do.
All this shit that's been happening has made me realize that there really isn't anything left for me in this hell hole that I live in. The more that happens and the more that I hear, the more I want to move to Orlando. I know Orlando probably isn't all its cracked up to be, but I have friends there that don't seem as fake and I'll have more opportunities there. Whenever I mention that I might be moving, the general consensus is "okay" or "just go". Only one person has actually acted upset to hear that I might be going away, so its not like anyone really cares or will even notice that I'll be gone. Some "friends" I have.......