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death_sprinkles's Journal

I'm kinda new here, and there is so much to say(I'm a talker).......First off, I am a complete sewing and costuming addict- it doesn't matter whether I'm editing a pair of jeans, working on a commission, or helping with the theater. Acting is something that really interests me, but not as a full-time real job- just as a hobby. In the acting spectrum, I have a weakness for technical theater and improv- they're where you can get *really* creative. I have wonderful friends that I would do just about anything for. They're mostly spread out all over the state(and even out of state), so we don't get to see eachother that often, which is can get a little depressing at time. But when we get together, we always have fun and make great memories- ranging from the Night of the Ethiopian Coca-Cola, getting lost on our way to cons, or just running around being crazy(and sometimes casually hanging out). And if you go to any anime conventions in Florida, I'm bound to run into you someday.

Also, don't be shy to talk to me whenever- I love meeting and making new friends!