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Basic Rapunzel Cosplay Breakdown

While I do not claim to be the best Rapunzel cosplayer, I do feel like I did a halfway decent rendition of her costume. Since a lot of people are going to be cosplaying her in the future and some of them will get stuck, I thought I'd throw together a little breakdown of mine to give some pointers and ideas. This breakdown gives a pretty basic idea of how to do her costume without getting too complicated. There will also be more pictures once I have a chance to get them.
I'm going to be starting with the head and working my way down, so here goes......

The Hair
While some her hair is obscenely thick, especially in the braid, I just got an average long blonde wig off ebay(hair/wigs have never really been my thing). The seller was fashiongarden3000 and I highly recommend them to anyone. Great prices, fast shipping, and very high quality wigs. I was originally going to leave the wig loose, but then remembered how easily long wigs tangled and threw it into a braid the night before the con. Here's a picture of the wig right after I got it, as modeled by my sister.

Probably one of the easiest parts of the costume. Pattern-wise I decided to work with what I have and used Simplicity 2813 It is made of Casa Collection satin in the color "iris" if I remember correctly. It fully laces up the front with eyelets, fully lined, and there is lace trim along the neckline. There is no zipper in the back.
Continuing to work with what I had, I used S2813 for the sleeves. The striped effect was achieved by lightly drawing some guidelines on the outer part, one inch apart and then sewing 1/2 pink ribbon down. I actually used a fancy stitch on the stripes to give them a vine-like look. The long part of the sleeves were made out of this jersey knit stuff. Its usually around $13/yd, but I was lucky to find a remnant at 75% off.

I made the skirts out of Simplicity 6480. This was probably the trickiest part since there are two skirts, one of which is mostly hidden. I actually just redid the skirts, so I'm going with that method. The outer skirt was made out of Casa Collection satin in "violet" and is fully lined. Following what the pattern says, pleat the skirt piece. Make the top of the skirt only as long as the bottom hem of the bodice, excluding the "modesty panel"(the piece between the two lace-up panels that prevents people from seeing what's between them. I usually just make mine out of scrap fabric and interfacing). Sew the two of them together. For the underskirt, I used a sari-type fabric that was purple with a pretty gold design on it. I made that as the pattern said to with a zipper down the side. The underskirt is a separate piece.
Skirt Details
Easy once I figured it out. I made stencils out of freezer paper(then I made a tutorial). I went over the outer edges with embroidery floss to make it pop and that was that . Here are the templates(complete with nicknames!) I used for mine, you are free to use them as you like, just be sure to credit me:
Large Swirl
Drop Swirl
More Swirls/leaves

This requires little explanation. I used S6480 again, but put a piece of petticoat net along the top of the skirt part. I sewed it down, pleated the skirt and continued as usual.

Shoes and Accessories
Since she doesn't wear shoes, you can do pretty much anything you want. Because I was short on time and didn't want to spend much money, I bought a pair of white ballet flats from WalMart for $5, although I'd recommend you buy a light purple pair that would match the costume better.
I bought the Pascal plushie from the Disney Store for about $8.50 USD.
All the flowers in her hair also came from WalMart. I bought a bouquet of fake ones for about $5 and took them apart. I glued some to ribbons and some to blank hair clips. You can do whatever you like for the flowers- its fun!

Anyways, I hope this will do for now. I might delete this if I make a better version and am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. I also might make one of these for some of my other costumes. Please tell me what you think!
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